RAW (Film) vs Colour Graded

I wanted to have a quick go with my new BlackMagic Pocket Cinema Camera shooting in RAW and then colour grading the footage.

Shooting RAW captures all the light information in the scene without loosing details in the highlights or shadows – resulting in a flat looking image.

This allows you to pull on all that light information in a colour grading suite and effectively colour the scene to your creative hearts desire.


Conference Animation

This animation was created to launch a conference for Volvo Penta in Rome. They wanted something with ‘a Roman theme that encompassed their full product range’.

Corporate Animation

This animation was created to launch the Volvo Buses Sales Academy and to introduce the training needs assessment.

Hybrid Buses Documentary

We produced a documentary style video about the first right hand drive Hybrid Bus to be brought into service in the UK from Volvo Buses.

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