My Work


Animation is a great and currently very popular method of communicating a message or promoting your business. I am experienced in creating animations for different needs: training, promotion, communication & brand identity.

Animations are completely bespoke and drive a very engaging audience experience that won’t date quickly.


Film and video mean different things. Video is video (moving pictures), film however offers a whole lot more. Film is shot on cine style equipment and with a different approach to filming. This results in a more a cinematic and creative look to the picture.

I am experienced in producing both video and film work for different projects. My experience in this field spans the entire process: concept – planning – directing – filming – editing & colour grading.


3D modelling and animation is the best method to show a product and explore it in full. It can even beat being physically with the product in person as 3D can deconstruct a product like Lego bricks.

I am experienced working with 3D in the training industry to help the audience understand a product or its inner workings. 3D is not only a great way to visualise a product it also looks extremely professional when used in a visual media production.